Cellular and Molecular Biology


Alterations of the cerebrospinal fluid proteins and subcommissural organ secretion in the arterial hypertension and ventricular dilatation. A study in SHR rats

I. Martínez-Peña y Valenzuela1, E.M. Carmona-Calero1,3, H. Pérez-González1, C. Ormazabal-Ramos2, P. Fernández-Rodríguez3, I. González-Marrero3, A. Castañeyra-Perdomo1,3 and R. Ferres-Torres1

1Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, University of La Laguna, 2Department of Pediatric Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of La Laguna, La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain and 3Department of Biotechnology, Institute of Research and Sciences of Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura, Spain

Offprint request to: Emilia M. Carmona-Calero, Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, University of La Laguna, 38071 La Cuesta, La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain. e-mail: ecarmona@ull.es

Summary. The aim of this work was to analyze the proteins in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of spontaneously hypertensive rats, to study their possible role in the relationship between hydrocephalus, arterial hypertension and alterations in the subcommissural organ. Brains from control Wistar-Kyoto rats (WKY) and spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) sacrificed with chloral hydrate were used. Antiserums against some cerebrospinal fluid protein bands and Reissner’s fiber (RF) were used for immunohistochemical study of the SCO. Ventricular dilation was observed in the lateral and third ventricle of the SHR. Third ventricle ependyma showed immunoreactive material (IRM) for antibody against 141kDa protein band anti-B1 and 117 protein band anti-B2 and the SCO of the SHR showed a decrease of the IRM when compared with WKY rats. An alteration in the expression of anti-RF was found to compare the SCO of the WKY and SHR groups. Our results demonstrate that hydrocephalus and hypertension are interconnected in this kind of rat which produce alterations in SCO secretions and some proteins of the CSF. Histol Histopathol 21, 179-185 (2006)

Key words: Cerebrospinal fluid, Protein, Hypertensive rats, Subcommissural organ, Ventricular dilatation

DOI: 10.14670/HH-21.179